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Well, you know, I will support once they made a positive choice (Moebius) and not that Gray matter drivel.

Allow me to disagree with you INM8#2!

I think the bitching is fully justified...some serious mistakes have been made since the beginning of this kickstarter campaign that started with the "somethings coming", getting people's hopes up, fortunately some of them have already been corrected (like the name of the campaign for instance), but it doesn't help.

Look at Tim's Kickstarter: It had all the right elements (and of course also the timing advantage)
- Famous personality Tim and Ron (Check)
- Humourous viral video (Check)
- Unique offering, making of documentary with the game (Check)

If you look at Jane's proposal, then I notice some very big differences:
- Famous personality Jane (check)
- Something about a farm.....and then the english adventure picture ;-)
- Confusing/unclear subscription approach, which may not even appeal to people
- Hint of GK4 thanks to the video, leading to dissapointment
- Choice of 3 games, as they donot all appeal to all, which makes people wait for final choice before they pledge....

The whole english adventure is bringing a kind of Miss Potter appeal to the whole thing and it scared fans off...You can sex it up a bit with titles and stuff, but the picture itself landed wrongly I think.

Then there is the kiddie game thing.....This is not what GK fans are waiting for!

It's a bad call anyway to offer a choice of 3 games. People don't want a season subscription, not knowing what they will get. They want a GK style adventure game by Jane Jensen. Plain and simple. No gray matter sequel that sold poorly in the first place.

So simply do the vote asap, get Moebius (appears to be the spiritual successor of GK) in the spotlights and then a lot of fans will be pooring back in.

No matter how you may dislike, the way you present the campaign is crucial, as shown by the master himself (Tim).
Any wrong impression given, or confusion caused, requires a lot of work to correct and get people back in.

I still believe it will end ok, but quite a few people need some more convincing.

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