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I've cooled off a bit but I stand by my points.

Let me explain what I meant by this statement: "There is not one single reason for someone who supported DFA, who is capable of funding, to not support Jane's kickstarter."

What I meant to say that someone who was interested in Jane's project and was capable of putting in a small pledge, but not doing so because he/she is making the unfair criticisms/complaints I've mentioned above (and reiterate below), isn't using a valid reason but rather one based on misinformation. If someone's not interested, it's not their cup of tea, burned out from Kickstarter, lacking in funds, etc. then I make no qualms whatsoever. I'm not saying I expect anybody with money to go all in. I'm saying that the reasons people are using to not support the kickstarter are begotten of misinformation, unfounded expectations, and unfair comparisons to DFA's kickstarter.

Many people openly saying they're not going to support Jane's project are saying it's because the video wasn't like DFA, or they wanted Gabriel Knight, etc. Like I said, Jane has provided so much information and responded to all the questions. The idea that somehow the pitch from DFA was more informative is completely absurd. The DFA is by all accounts a leap of faith. Here Jane is giving us rock solid information on the game concepts.

People expected Jane's video to be funny and quirky like Tim's video. Why? Tim is pitching what most expect to be a quirky, humorous, lighthearted adventure. That's his specialty. So why would Jane, who specializes in dark, brooding, mysterious, psychological stories and game design want to market her game that way? It would be misleading. Instead, her pitch video set the tone for her project - dark, mysterious, brooding. Why is this a problem for people?

I feel that much of the AG community doesn't give Jane the benefit of the doubt. She spent something like 6 years trying to make Gray Matter. She was bounced around Europe between publishers. She didn't have the control she wanted over the development of that game, but she stuck with it and still put out what I think is a very solid, perhaps great game with some flaws that arose from budgetary constraints, not from any fault in design. Yet, some people are using their "disappointment" over Gray Matter against the kickstarter when the very purpose of doing the Community Supported Gaming project is so that she can make the games she wants. She has been very transparent and open about this. So why all the doubt? Does she not have a solid enough track record?

See what I mean? All the faulty logic and misinformation out there is hurting this project and keeping it from taking off. The Double Fine forums are one place filled with various negative, misleading posts and false rationalizations of why to not support this project. Just a few days ago our favorite thread starter made a new thread about how Jane is overrated. Isn't this community based on the idea of supporting respected figures like Jane? I simply can't believe how quickly people have been turning against the kickstarter for reasons founded on misinformation.

I'm sick of the damage all this negativity and ignorance about the CSG and the kickstarter is doing.
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