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Originally Posted by Kurufinwe View Post
And of course, there are many people who just don't know about the Kickstarter, especially older gamers, and trying to reach out to them would be great, though I'm not sure how that can be done.
There are a lot of older gamers on Gameboomers, Kurufinwe, and Jane's Kickstarter campaign is stickied there so those of us who frequent that forum do know about it.

Please don't. You can't bully people into getting enthusiastic about something. When people are on the fence, harassing them (whether it's getting angry at them, or bombarding them with questions, or telling them over and over again how great the thing is), is the surest way to make them not want to do it.
Kurufinwe is right, inm8#2. Please think again. I'm one of those people he's talking about. Jane Jensen hasn't made a game I like in years though I'm sure she's capable of it and could so I'm still thinking, but getting angry with those of us who aren't sure we want to donate yet really does act against her.

I'm also one of those who can't afford to put much money toward something like this yet I anted up for DFA, but your comment that "There is not one single reason for someone who supported DFA, who is capable of funding, to not support Jane's kickstarter", comes at the tail end of your impassioned post and someone without a lot of disposable funds may be hot under the collar long before they read it and cool off. If they notice the qualification in italics at all.

And it's not really true anyway. There are other developers, like Bryan Wiegele, who're struggling. If someone wants to support Double Fine and not Jane Jensen but Bryan or someone else - or no one else, that's their call based on what they like and want in a game.
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