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Originally Posted by inm8#2 View Post
I'm not on a crusade or anything. But I feel people are putting a lot of misinformation out there about Jane's project when many of the details in question have been addressed and fleshed out. I want to correct that misinformation and show people the POSITIVES about this kickstarter.
Well, to be honest, while I like the idea of CSG and voting for the new game, it all makes the Kickstarter project more complicated and harder to understand correctly and many people probably don't want to fund a project when they don't actually know which game they're going to get.

It would have been better if voting and all unclear things were dealt outside Kickstarter, and then put finished plans to Kickstarter page. I'm not saying that Jane's project is all wrong, because it definitely isn't, but it is more complicated than the typical Kickstarter game project.
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