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Originally Posted by inm8#2 View Post
But when people bitch about how the video wasn't like Tim's or how the message about what the game will be isn't clear (a completely stupid, 100% untrue statement that actually would apply more to DFA), I'm going to call those people out.
Please don't. You can't bully people into getting enthusiastic about something. When people are on the fence, harassing them (whether it's getting angry at them, or bombarding them with questions, or telling them over and over again how great the thing is), is the surest way to make them not want to do it.

There have been too many Kickstarters of late; people are tired of them emotionally and financially. There will be time to remind them (tastefully) of the existence of the project later, for instance next week when the game has been chosen, and later on. And of course, there are many people who just don't know about the Kickstarter, especially older gamers, and trying to reach out to them would be great, though I'm not sure how that can be done.

For whatever reason, I tend to be fan of struggling things, whether it's a niche gaming genre or TV shows that keep getting cancelled, so seeing Jane Jensen's Kickstarter struggle is not something I'm unfamiliar with, and definitely not something I enjoy. Sharing your enthusiasm and trying to get more people on board is great. But believe me, getting all angry or hysterical or obsessive around people who, for whatever reason, are not particularly interested even though you'd think they would be, is the most counter-productive thing you could do.
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