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I can't contain myself anymore. I'm utterly disgusted and even furious with the gaming community and some of the specific adventure gamers who have chosen to not support Jane's project.

87000 Tim Schafer supporters. 1700 Jane Jensen supporters. You can't tell me there aren't thousands of people backing the DFA who were huge GK/JJ/Sierra fans but are not pledging.

All the unfair whining and criticism of Jane's pitch video despite the fact that she has been honest, direct, and informative. She has provided details of the game ideas with conceptual drawings. More than DFA ever did. She has provided 5 updates in a week and rapidly answered people's questions.

It seems to me she's being singled out unfairly. People are complaining that it's not a new GK game when Jane said on her facebook that it wasn't GK. The concept art was clearly Gray Matter 2 or some other kind of gothic/psychological game. There's an older thread where the first image popped up and I said GM2. I was right.

The story with GK and the rights belonging to Activision is clear. People set their expectations for a new GK game and then claimed they've been misled somehow. Jane would never make an empty promise and I respect her so much for that. She has said that if the CSG is successful it would bring her one step closer to a new GK game. I trust that. Using GK3 footage for the promo was not misleading at all to me. It was saying, "Hey, if you like Gabriel Knight and Gray Matter, the creator of those games has a new project in store for you!"

I've also read people saying that even if the Kickstarter doesn't meet the goal, the project will happen anyway because Jane mentioned that in an interview. Well, don't you people think that Double Fine, a company with 65 employees, would have made an adventure game anyways? Or how about Al Lowe's LSL remake which was announced last fall? Wouldn't that have happened anyways? So, why is Jane being singled out? Why are people trying to rationalize every possible reason to NOT support this project?

I'll give Double Fine credit for their pitch video and the inclusion of a documentary series. I have nothing against DF or their project (I supported it). But reading the forums over there all I can see is this unfounded arrogance and snobbery about how they're not going to back Jane's project for whatever reason (pitch wasn't as good as Tim's, it will be funded anyways, the story is not fleshed out enough). What the hell? Double Fine hasn't provided a single bit of information about the game they're making, yet Jane is the one not doing enough or providing enough information? Bull****.

This has made me extremely frustrated. Jane deserves so much more from the adventure gaming community, but it seems so many have not supported her and are grasping at reasons to not fund the project.

$78/pledge for Jane's CSG. $38/pledge for DFA. Obviously the backers are doing all they can to help Jane, but WE NEED MORE PEOPLE TO PLEDGE.

What the hell is going on? Where are all the Jane Jensen, Gabriel Knight, and old Sierra fans? Why are people turning their backs on this?

Complete bull**** in my opinion. It's a raw deal. There is not one single reason for someone who supported DFA, who is capable of funding, to not support Jane's kickstarter. And from what I've gathered on other forums, they don't have any rational reason other than illegitimate complaints I noted above. The hypocrisy is astounding.
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