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Those are all good points, Diego. We will be keeping the current colours, logo and roughly the same layout. We felt it was very important to fully customize the new forum with the correct styles. The new site/forum should feel very familiar - it'll be an evolution, and not a complete change like the image you linked.

(And if there's any suggestions for small updates, we can take them into consideration. The new templating system is more flexible than our current one.)

The details of the layout, font sizes, etc. may change of course.

The avatar size is increased as we have a bit more room for them in the layout. We also like not having too many images though, so the rules about images in signatures will remain the same.

As for the community playthrough, I suggest starting it as planned, and when the switch happens we can either see if the thread can be imported manually, or we could start a new thread with the contents of the old thread pasted into the first post.
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