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For me gray matter had huge potential with its build-up and themes: the mysterious mansion, the anguished dr. styles, the world inside of the mind, a shadowy cabal of magicians, and the concept of the "game", all great ideas that made the adventuring lots of fun.
Where it falls short is: puzzles dont go far enough, the reveals arent as intriguing as the build-up was, and it feels like a "campy" teen novel by the end. Honestly though, i liked the game more than gk3, and the fun i had outweighed the flaws.

Back to the topic at hand, for day 6 we got about 140 backers, marking perhaps the first real incline we've had, and if we can keep this up for a few more days before the vote, it could be a sign that we have staying power. The most likely route to 300k involves 10-ish more people donating 5k or more. Thats alot of flying around for concerts potentially
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