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I think both the Kickstarter phenomenon AND this supposed 'fatigue' are a bit overstated in my opinion; the truth is somewhere in the middle.

Kickstarter is a great idea for funding these small scale projects; but it will never by a replacement for the big publishers to fund so called "AAA" titles or most "AA" titles; I just can't see it consistently reaching into the millions for multiple projects except when big personalities or names are involved (for example I think if LucasArts came looking for money for Monkey Island you'd get a repeat and then some more of the DoubleFine effect).

However I certainly don't agree with this fatigue thing. I've pledged for three projects (DoubleFine, Jane Jensen and Larry). To be honest I probably won't want to play all of these games, but I know these people make quality games and I want to support them. This is a new idea and has sparked a lot of "me-toos", but that will die down and what we will get is occasional projects to think about with an invaluable route to market.

And the way I see it, I'm just paying the price I'd pay to Steam or Amazon or the high-street shops up-front, with the developer getting all my money instead of 20 middle-men - that alone is a big plus for me! I won't be getting fatigued with that value for my money.

(P.S. I hope revolution software decide to kickstart something in the future!)
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