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Originally Posted by zane View Post
They cannot declare one victor, if they did then things like this would happen: gray matter 2 wins by a few % points, and all the GM haters would get bitter and some of them would pull their money out. Completely offsetting any "vote boost".
I'm very skeptical of this. In general, when fundraising, once people agree to give you money, they don't back down. That's why, once they agree, you immediately say "$20 is great! But can you give us $100?" This is a standard negotiating tactic. Usually, they say no, and you drop it and accept the $20. Occasionally, they agree and get some extra cash. Very very rarely, they get offended and rescind their initial offer. Obviously, online pledges are a little bit different from face-to-face interactions (more anonymity, less fear of contradicting yourself,) but in general once people commit to spending money they already regard that money as lost and don't try to take it back. More likely they will just grumble in the forums/comments.

Also: do you really think that many people are truly set on a certain pitch? My impression is that most people are responding to the Jane Jensen and Gabriel Knight name brand. The pitches aren't even fleshed out at this point, so it's a bit early for someone to be disappointed that their favorite one got "canceled!"
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