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Originally Posted by TimovieMan View Post
Right, because a community playthrough on this forum would get a lot of new people to back Jensen's project. Are you serious?
You missed my point. I didnt suggest that because i thought a playthrough is going to generate alot of backers, its because some people mentioned concerns of conflict of interest. So the best way to solve that is just to be transparent and say "yes, we are doing this because of the kickstarter, and yes we are doing it for fun."

backer gains report by 24 hours:
day 1 ~ 520
day 2 ~ 350
day 3 ~ 350
day 4 ~ 180

forecast: if we can stay above 100 for the next week we'l be extremely lucky. Day 3 was almost exactly the same rate of day 4 (until schafer tweeted on day 3). Also magic number for backers is about 4500 more. (so saying we're 1/3 done would be a little deceptive)

EDIT: cheers for 100k milestone
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