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Originally Posted by Fien View Post
Oh yes, it is. Ever heard of spamming?
Starting a new community playthrough of games that have already had a community playthrough, with the sole purpose of promoting a kickstarter campaign, is crossing a line.
Scratch me wanting a GK community playthrough, then. I didn't know there'd been one before.
Has there been one for KQ6, though???

Originally Posted by zane View Post
easy solution: if you want to do such a thing leave no question about what its for. Call it the "fundraising playthrough" thread. Or use a real time chat. Just use a different format from what the non-fundraising playthroughs use.
Right, because a community playthrough on this forum would get a lot of new people to back Jensen's project. Are you serious? A community playthrough of a Jane Jensen game NOW would still be something fun to do for the Jensen fans. Nothing more.
Having a community playthrough with an ulterior motive is seriously overestimating the impact of a community playthrough.

Originally Posted by zane View Post
It stopped this from being a totally horrible day (added 60-ish backers in the first hour after tims tweet).
I thought it was going well? Every time I check, there's a decent amount of new backers with new money coming in.

Originally Posted by michael1123 View Post
You guys think it will get to 600k? I really don't have much doubt that it'll reach 300k, but two games in one cycle would be awesome.
I consider 600k to be the goal of this Kickstarter. And I'm cautiously optimistic for now.

Originally Posted by Gonzosports View Post
After the vote next weekend, with an actual game to promote, expect a surge.
This is exactly why I'm optimistic about the 600k goal.
There's still a LOT of days to go, and the campaign is gaining clarity with each passing day.
Having an actual SINGLE game to promote will attract a lot of people who were on the fence before. And knowing what the second game would be will have a similar effect for the 50$ tier.

Originally Posted by UPtimist View Post
The best thing in this update, in my opinion, is that they said that even if they don't get the 600k they still might do the second game if they get enough outside funding.
^ This.
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