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Originally Posted by Datadog View Post
I got the same feeling I get when I'm swarmed by homeless people and charities on the street. They know I have money, they saw me give some away, and they'd like some too.
No, this analogy doesn't work. You're not giving your money at Kickstarter to bums, who will spend it on grain alcohol. You giving them to well known artists, who would love to make high quality games for fans, but the studios doesn't see enough profit in them.

We will see if the Kickstarter games will have the same quality, as when they were produced under a big studio. I'm just wondering, what will happen, if a successfully funded project's budget is grossly under-projected, and the money run out in the middle of development. Will they just splice the game together as is to deliver something to backers? Or just start another kickstarter?
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