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No offence intended to the Kickstarter groups, but there is a certain "begging for change" feel to this situation. When Double-Fine did it, I got excited because it seemed like a cool idea to invest in a game for a change. But then when everyone else did it, I got the same feeling I get when I'm swarmed by homeless people and charities on the street. They know I have money, they saw me give some away, and they'd like some too.

I think it's my sympathies at play more than anything, because I know giving to these Kickstarter projects is a voluntary thing. But I'd still feel bad if Al and Jane didn't make over $3M for their games as well - and I totally want them to succeed. I'll probably give to their projects once I get my job situation sorted out, but for now, I think all the hype is gone. At least until after my first investment goes through. It's all too much at once.

I do appreciate the Tex Murphy team giving us a heads-up, though. Holding out until later gives us more time to comfortably ease into supporting their project.
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