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Originally Posted by fov View Post
On the PR side, we have reached out to a lot of sites personally (including RPS) - some have coverage in the works, some we're still talking to, and some we haven't heard back from yet (but that doesn't mean we won't). I look at this as an ongoing process - and since the campaign has 40+ days to go, it's really okay with me if coverage rolls out over time.

Of course, you guys can send tips to any sites you want (and it's awesome that people want to do that!). But please don't go "bitching" at anyone. Sometimes sites choose not to cover certain things for certain reasons, and coming across like you're making demands won't necessarily end well.

Just my $0.02, as someone who as worked on both sides of the fence.

EDIT: There have been a bunch more great articles since I posted that list on Thursday. I can post more links later if people are interested.

EDIT2: Oh, and people are welcome to PM me if you want to talk more about this. I'd rather not derail this thread with PR specifics.
It looks like the kickstarter is going quite well and I think it will reach 300 000$, however, 600 000$ is going to be tough. One smart thing that Tim Schafer have said in an interview about a kickstarter is that each campaign need a have a good story with it to be successful and standout. In their case it was the documentary, and I have read tons of comments who donated solely for the documentary. A good example of this was the kickstarter for the "hardcore tactile shooter" which didn't have a proper name at first and a very generic video. Their funding also had problems in the beginning and it looked like it was going to fail, but once they changed the video and explained their project better the funding for the project soared and succeeded. To me Jane's project has a bit of the same problems. Many have already pointed out the things that could be improved. And voting on the game next week is a good idea, because, the project felt a coherent and focused when there were three games to choose from.

As for the news of the project it is good to see more sites write about the project. From what I know personally know adventure games are quite popular here in Sweden. And looking at the backer forums over at double fine Swedes are in the top when looking at visitors from Europe. Therefore, I think it would be great to get some exposure in Swedish media, and the biggest game magazine in the Nordic countries and in Sweden is called Gamereactor, and from what I can see they have published a story. But I think an interview would be a great idea.

Lastly a question for fov: Are you helping out Jane with the PR for the project?
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