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As someone who works in development, there are people who will donate - and regularly - to projects that they have an emotional connection to.

For some, $10k is nothing. So the number of campaigns has little to do with the "whales."

Also, DFA raised the traffic to KS and especially the video GW section to a degree that projects across the board are seeing funding levels thought impossible only a month ago.

There is no crowd KS fatigue. Or high donor fatigue.

Beyond that, is the Ag community's - and just the Ag community - an unfortunately small niche genre of a multiblion $ industry being stretched to what it can support?

I fervently hope not, but it's possible and supports the tired conclusion that we are not a financially viable audience to make sustainable games for.

If you don't want that to be true, if you want this to be a revolution and not a fad - bust out your wallet. I have no problem supporting this cause like I do the political candidates and local non-profit causes I give money to.

I'm extremely emotionally involved in Jane and Al's success.
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