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Originally Posted by millenia View Post
The upper tiers aren't really supposed to give you your money's worth ... They are supposed to raise money, not offer joyrides around the world or anything like that.
Exactly. The only person who is going to go for it are those who are emotionally attached to the genre, have a lot of money, and dont know what to do with it. How many people are there like this?

You cant copy the Double Fine model, simply because they were first and people pledged to it out of curiousity and to be a part of the buzz. It's a special one-off case.

And most of those who pledged higher tiers for Double Fine will probably not put >$1000 on another project.

So, everyone else on Kickstarter needs to find a way to make the higher tiers appealing to common folks like you and me, otherwise they just wont raise any money from those tiers. Its that simple.
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