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I've started a new thread for fan testimonials but I leave my original post here as a placemarker. If you have a testimonial please post in the other thread. Thanks. - Tyler

An idea for an update Jane could do: a compilation of supporter/fan testimonials concerning, "Why I'm supporting Jane's studio and kickstarter." Examples of testimonials could include: what Jane's previous work has meant to me personally, what sets Jane's work apart from other game writers and designers, why you trust Jane to deliver an amazing product, and so on...

For me personally:

I first encountered Jane's work in the '90s as a teen. I played Gabriel Knight 1. I was immediately taken with the unique gaming experience: an incredible twisting and mysterious narrative filled with characters I became invested in and driven by a combination of humor, suspense, pathos, and horror. The narrative was tied closely to the gameplay itself: the puzzles made sense in the game world and helped advance the mystery. I wanted to solve the puzzles not only to see "what happens next" but to help Gabriel out. I cared about what happened to Gabriel and Grace. The narrative and gameplay were supplemented by a Score that perfectly mirrored the tone of the scenes: haunting during the dream sequences, comedic when Mosely was involved, etc. The visual aesthetics of the game were vivid and brought the city of New Orleans to life. There is a reason why fans of Jane's games seek out the real life parallels to the in-game locations: these places are imbued with a special significance/aura that Jane gave to them through her visual interpretation of the places and creativity in planting her story and characters within those places. Simply put: Jane knows how to create a narrative world that feels so real to us as we play that the world sticks in our memory.

What I describe above is true for all of Jane's games that I've played. My adolescence was shaped by playing Jane's games. I put her games on the level of the great art experiences of my life, among the great films, great concerts, great paintings, etc.
Playing Gray Matter as an adult was a breath of fresh air for my gaming life. Jane's games have always piqued my imagination, drawing me into vibrant game worlds like no other. They are truly inspiring to me as fleshed out artistic creations. Jane is one of gaming's true "auteurs." I support Jane's new studio and kickstarter campaign as a token of my thanks and my hope in Her future projects. I trust that Jane will be true to her own artistic spirit in making games that speak to her, that inspire her. Thank goodness she has interest in continuing to share her creations. She is a true artist.

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