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Originally Posted by fov View Post
Something that does help, though, is feedback on what grabs you about the campaign and what doesn't make as much sense. There have already been some great suggestions that Jane's taken on board (she's made some edits to the page and has video updates planned). Personally, I'm curious what led people to pledge one amount or another.
I pledged 50 bucks because I enjoy her games, even Gray matter with all its flaws still holds me. She somewhat threw a bone to us old GK fans, that also helped(even though it is a dry, chewed and tasteless bone).

I could have donated more if some of the higher options were better. Seriously, I am a fan of collectors editions, memorabilia... Why not offer cardbox games with such stuff? Like in the good old days? Participating on the design process or receiving digital design documents doesn't interest many people. A lot of people consider physical copies of games better than digital ones, that could be part of the pledge offers. It worked to great effect on the wasteland kickstarter(they offer 3 different types of collector editions).

I'm also personally interested in two of the concepts(Moebius and GM2). Anglophilia doesn't really pull me and a lot of people seem to feel the same...

The really urgent things that need changing on that kickstarter page are the mentioning of that children's book and the "casual" and "true adventure" options... that really is blowing it for some people. If people understand that casual gamers are part of the picture, they will keep a foot back. It makes sense to ditch it because I honestly don't think any of the pledgers are casual gamers.
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