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The press release went out this morning, and it has actually had a lot of nice pick-up. Here are some of the articles.



I think it's interesting that people are basing the success of this campaign (after one day! with 43 days to go!) and of others on what happened with Double Fine's. That was an anomaly, and it was awesome, but not every campaign needs to follow the same curve in order to be successful. As people have pointed out, Jane's fan base is different, and the situation is different (when Double Fine's happened it was the first, now people are being more selective about projects like this and the press are less eager to talk about it). It certainly didn't help that another Sierra game went up on Kickstarter two days earlier (and one day *after* Jane started teasing this announcement -- too late to change course). That's life... but it doesn't mean instant failure.

(Believe me, I understand the anxiety. I'm a huge fan of Jane's games and I want to see this succeed so badly. Not just because it means new games from my favorite designer, but because the chances of us ever seeing another Gabriel Knight game are WAY higher if this succeeds. But worrying about it and posting that we're worried about it isn't necessarily productive.)

Something that does help, though, is feedback on what grabs you about the campaign and what doesn't make as much sense. There have already been some great suggestions that Jane's taken on board (she's made some edits to the page and has video updates planned). Personally, I'm curious what led people to pledge one amount or another. If you're not, comfortable talking about it, that's totally fine, but if you are, what was it about the reward that made you choose that amount? (Or did it have nothing to do with the rewards, and was it just the amount you felt like giving?)

Originally Posted by Terabin View Post
Question for all y'all who are trying to get the campaign funded. Have we all done our part in getting the word out? Where have people posted news? Which gaming forums? Which blogs? Which social media sites? We need to get our bases covered in addition to the impending press release. Perhaps even more important than just contributing money is spreading the word. I would imagine there are plenty of Jane fans who have grown tired of frequenting game sites (and perhaps frustrated with the current generation of adventure games) and would return to gaming to support Jane's new company.
Ah yes - this is also more productive than worrying! Something I have noticed is negative comments about the campaign from people who probably aren't Jane's fans and probably would never donate to it anyway. That's fine, they're entitled to their opinion - but it would be nice to see some positive comments to balance those out. I'm not suggesting that people sign up for a bunch of forums/blogs/etc and turn into that guy who just pops in to sing something's praises and then disappears again. But if it's being discussed on sites you frequent, you could always chime in on why you think the campaign has your support...
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