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Originally Posted by Jaesun View Post
Because Activision owns GK. Getting that licence to make a new game is more complicated that you think.
It is about money and nothing else. I doubt that IP is considered valuable enough to be worth anything more than money at this point, after all these years. Obviously Activision has no plans for it other than holding onto property like it is custom, they would not demand reputation, and if they did... well, aren't we talking about the developer that created those games in the first place?

Making a bid for it and using kickstarter to gather funds would work. Not gonna happen now off course... but it would have worked. Activision is not a monolithic and otherworldly mistery. They bartered with Telltale without complications for KQ.

Buying the rights back could be somewhat complicated, but licensing a 4th game? Not at all. Can't be.

Originally Posted by Jaesun View Post
If perhaps this Kickstarter is successful that could be something in the long term future possibly.
That is really good, but it is not enough to make fans of those games open their wallets. I'm sure every fan of GK is supporting this wether or not they care about Gray Matter and the other concepts(I actually do), but they are obviously not going to support it as well as they would if GK4 was part of the package. It kind of is, but in the form of a very vague innuendo... that if years from now these games succeed we would be "closer to it". That is not good enough for most people.
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