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Everybody likes the kickstarter video, but I got som criticism on that. Raleigh is surely cute, no doubt, but is there anybody like me who wants to see more Jane and Robert just talking to the camera about the project? Instead we got some cheesy acting, cheap visual effects and a rubber werewolf mask. Just point the camera at Jane and let her talk for 5 minutes about her passion for making great adventures with intricate writing. Let her talk more about her past and future games, her current situation, and also the future plans for the proposed business model. The money dumped into hiring the film crew could be easily given to the artist to make 3 more concept art paintings for each of the proposed game, so that we can feel more what is JJ trying to do.

Also, why she chose for her first season the sequel for Gray Matter (the game wasn't very popular to start with), and Jane Austen type of a story, which she's not known for? Why she didn't just propose the three new gothic style adventures that everybody wants and expects from her? Just take out the big guns right now, and then in the second or third season, you can start to propose some other type of games and ebooks for kids. If you want to get the finances, you must take out the big guns.
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