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I think this whole thing is teeming with marketing errors from the start too. The whole "pick 1 out of 3 games" has put a LOT of people on the fence, and understandably so because in a way they don't know what exactly they will be getting. These are mostly people who want new adventures from Jane but are not die-hard fans, they need to be sold better.

The anglophile concept has put a lot of people off too and like many of you, I still don't understand why that children's e-book is mentioned at all at the kickstarter. That is still confusing a lot of people, and thinking that a children's book is part of the funding is putting a lot of people off.

Lots of people on other forums have also been concerned about the recent explanation about the different difficulty options. Some people seem to fear that means fans of vintage adventures won't necessarily be the target audience... bad mistake too, I don't think any "casual" gamer is giving this the time of day. Difficulty options have been around for a long time(MI 2), but the way it is described in the kickstarter... "casual" and "true adventure"? Sounds really bad... appealing to casual gamers shouldn't be a concern with games that are obviously going to be funded by hardcore adventurers.

If it's true that press kits are only being sent by her staff now, then it is totally understandable that her kickstarter has not caught on yet. Chillax people, it will work. The worst that can happen is getting little more than 300k(meaning: it won't be as successfull as other kickstarters). But a lot of the criticism here and else is valid, things would be a lot better if everything was better planned. And that goes with or without GK4 as part of the package.
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