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Originally Posted by thejobloshow View Post
Holy cow, this morning I just found out there's a Jane Jensen Kickstarter and a Kickstarter for a new Shadowrun game.

Okay, I think we need to set ourselves some ground rules...

1. I will not support a project that does not offer a boxed copy. Many of these games look like they're going to get their funding anyway and I can easily buy them when they get released on Steam with the added incentive of knowing how the game turned out.

2. I will not support a project that does not offer a full retail release. Sorry TAKEDOWN - funding an alpha on the hopes the investors will come out of the woodwork to support you is just too much of a risk.

3. I will not support a first time designer/people with no experience in the industry. I know this sounds harsh - but we've had a flourishing indie scene for many years now full of designers who made product without crowdsourcing. You need to build up your reputation and prove your value before asking for large sums of funding.
1. I'm not in a good situation presently to support any kickstarter campaign but would do so otherwise for some developers. I do like boxed copies of a game but see the advantage to developers of releasing a download first - there seems to be enough people who like the immediacy of being able to get games almost instantly so would quite happily wait. But yes, if I supported something I would accept a download in the 1st place with the promise of a boxed version eventually even if it was just exclusive to supporters.

2. I would not consider contributing to a project that only goes to 'Alpha' stage and relies on further funding to complete - I don't see the point except for the developers trying to be modest & not asking for too much. In all honesty they are better off asking for the total amount they need to complete a game.

3. No, no, no, no, NO! to supporting first time developers - yes, I agree it's harsh! but I would need to see evidence of passion, skills & resourcefulness - if you have all of those qualities then you should have a completed game to present however low-cost & basic to convince me!
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