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Just a couple of numbers: 24 hours after kick-off DFA had raised over a million dollars. Jane Jensen has raised around $45,500 as I am writing this (slightly past the 24-hour mark). Both of them have the same goal.

There might be some issues with the marketing of Pinkerton Road's KS that some people have pointed out at the respective thread. But I am convinced that the biggest issue is that people are just running out of money.

People interested in AGs are a relatively small crowd (by comparison, Shadowrun Returns have basically already raised their $400K less than 24 hrs since kick off) and many people went all out with DFA and can't afford to support any other adventures.

Don't get me wrong - pretty much all the people on these forums are hardcore AG fans and they will contribute as much as they can to as many games as they find interesting. So before you give yourself as an example, please realize that it's the people who are marginally interested in AGs that should be the target group of KS projects! I am talking about those who would play maybe an adventure every year or so, or those who used to be into adventures but have moved on, or open-minded garden-variety gamers, or even those who play AG-like casuals. They are a huge group and each project has to try and convince as many of them as possible to fork over their small annual AG budget. I am afraid that DFA tapped out that group.

But even hardcore AG types must be running out of dough! Some more numbers: around 1% of the backers of DFA have contributed at least $250 but they account for around 15% of the funds raised (close to half a million). (And the most generous 0.1% account for more than 5%.) How many people, no matter how dedicated, can afford to give $5000 to more than one kickstarter project?

To summarize (and apologies for the length of this post), DFA have completely tapped out a huge group of people who care about adventures but cannot support more than one KS project. Jane Jensen can currently only reach out to the hardcore AG crowd. I am afraid to extrapolate what will happen to Tex...
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