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Originally Posted by zane View Post
Im going to try to put my happy hat on and go to my happy place, because i hate feeling negative about this.
But first, heres a tip if you want to get a sense for what to watch for over the next 24 hours or so: ignore the dollar amounts. a 1000 dollar pledge at this point is an outlier (and probably always will be). The real indicator for success is the number of backers. If that number is trending up, you can expect it to continue to go up because of social networking. If you had to choose between adding 1 person donating 10,000, or 100 people donating a combined 10,000, you want the 100 every time. Because theyr going to tell several hundred+ of their friends, the one guys only going to tell a few.
okay, *happy place time*
Hehe yeah the $1000 pledge isn't why I think it'll reach 300k, although I can see how it read like that. It was just an excuse to come out of lurking and go yay! Clicking the refresh every 5 seconds paid off!

I don't think it'll reach Double Fine or Wasteland 2 heights, although I hope I'm wrong, but I think 26k in 13 hours is a really good start.

I get the impression that not many people knew about the countdown page so I think we haven't seen the peak yet. It's just starting to hit the news sites. Jane said on her Facebook that Gamespot has a 24 hour exclusive but I assume they're going to start pushing even harder to get the word out there after that.
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