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It would be wrong for me to say support Jane so that she can eventually revive GK. But I will say that I've had in my hands a few things GK4 related over the past year, and I'm personally dying to see it happening -- It's a wonderful story, just like you would expect from Jane Jensen!

With some hope, it will happen, and Jane will have the chance to develop GK4 and many other jewels. This is only the beginning

For now, what she's cooking is very very awesome. I've heard a thing or two about Moebius and Gray Matter 2 (we did the concepts for those 2 over at Phoenix Online) and I'm super excited! She talked to me about the concept for Moebius over the phone, and it's... oh, my, God. First thing I thought was "this could have only come from Jane Jensen!"

So, what are you waiting for??
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