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Kickstarter is killing my wallet: The Dead Linger, DFA, Wasteland 2, Leisure Suit Larry, The Banner Saga, Sherlock Holmes *sigh*, Feeble Fables *sigh*, and now Jane Jensen...

...I've never played GK 1-3 (but I found a sealed in plastic copy of GK1 a month ago at a local thrift store, which I will never open) but I can't not support a legend of the genre, and I can't not support brining these types of story-rich adventures back, without those meddling publisher kids.

I came in at $50, but really, my wallet is hurting - I wish I could do more.

That being said, being an obsessive Kickstarter junkie, it is troubling how slowly the Pinkerton KS has gotten going - Wasteland shot up like mad after the first 8 hours.

I also wonder if there's not a huge adventure base in Germany (and the rest of Europe) which should join the bandwagon soon.

It needs viral help - so please, please post on FB/Twitter/Tumblr now, get it being shared everywhere. If you don't use FB, now's the time to start.

Both LSL and Jane Jensen, though, I really want to succeed - story-based adventure games are a lost art, we must revive.

Kickstarter is so inspiring to me.
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