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Jane has already answered the question: What if Kickstarter fails? in Gamespot interview:

"Well I put a sack over my head, and I hide in the bathroom for three months [laughs]. If it doesn't work out, then we will probably be talking to some angel investors, and proceed anyway. Hopefully we can show everybody what we can do."

Even though i'm against some of the Kickstarter principles, i've pledged simply because it's the least i can do when the author of some of mine favourite games ever is asking for it. But now, the obvious question is what happens when the campaign doesn't reach its goal? We already have Delaware 4 and Sherlock Holmes, which as it seems, unfortunately won't reach the goal. And it will be harder for any next campaign simply because there will be more and more of it. I'm not implying that Jane's won't "succeed", and it probably needs more press coverage in next few days (also, i believe majority of Kickstarters used the "boost" trick with acquiring more money right at the beginning for strategic advertising reasons, while here it wasn't the case), but Kickstarter is overshadowing other issues - Jane Jensen has founded an independent studio to produce new adventure games. Full stop. Whatever happens from now on.
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