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Originally Posted by Adventurere No.1 View Post
i was thinking of a reader's rating that can follow the reviewer rating's maybe within a week or two,

i dont know how this would work but i have a idea of that whenever a new game get reviewed, should also have a poll for reader's rating's within too.

in the end all new games would have, Reviewer's Rating and Readers Rating.

i guess this shouldn't be difficult and i wouldn't bother about all those already reviewed games as that would make a big super huge mess!!

They do something like this at the pop culture site The A.V. Club. Each review has a space for logged-in users to rate, and an averaged user-rating is posted below the reviewer grade for every film, game, album, etc. reviewed. It's pretty cool, and cuts down on people complaining about ratings in the comments, as they can express their opinion in a productive way by grading the game themselves.
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