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I'm with Kurufinwe on this one. Most of the people posting in this thread seem to forget that people have limited budgets. Some people might have gone all out on DFA and might not feel they can spend a lot of money on, say, Jane Jensen's future project (indeed, my money is on a Kickstarter fundraiser) or Al Lowe's remake. And that is problematic. You just can't have all these titles dipping for funding in the same finite (very slowly replenishing) pool of money

Incidentally, I think that the people at Big Finish Games might have made a big mistake postponing their campaign until May (or whenever). Every day there are new projects popping up on kickstarter and there are bound to be many more by the time Tex goes live there. The "monetary fatigue" might reach a peak right around then with the result being not a lot of money for Tex and fundraising failure. I hate to be a doomsayer and I truly hope I am wrong on this one!

(I also wish I weren't on a tight budget but I can contribute to at most one project. That is likely to be Tex, unless JJ unveils something monumental. I'm just another example of monetary crowding out, incidentally.)
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