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Originally Posted by diego View Post
HOWEVER - i don't think remaking old Larry games is bad idea - they're classics but might not be user-friendly to players who can't get into old interface. However, it would need tremendous work to bring the atmosphere of the originals (i don't think even Monkey Island remakes succeeded completely in that regard). It would need to look and sound as Love for Sail.
I don't think it's the gamers who can't get into the old interface that are the target of their campaign. Look at their kickstarter page, they surely don't go out of their way to explain what Larry is all about. And do you think that Replay Games, asking for the kind of money they're asking for, expect that people who never played Larry before (and who would welcome the new interface and graphics) would get THAT excited? The way I see it, they want to do a remake which will be appealing enough for the modern gamers to get into, and they want us fans to fund it.
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