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I couldn't disagree more with the original post.

We found a way to get the type of games and the level of creativy we miss, funded again, because we found a way to bypass publishers.

I hope and pray this is the way of the future for so many art projects.

I honestly don't have words to express how much I love Kickstarter.

I've backed DFA, The Banner Saga, Wasteland 2, and now Leisure Suit Larry. I'm looking forward to Tex Murphy and hopefully, a Jane Jensen project, too.

I actually changed my personal financial spreadsheet to reflect backing Kickstarter projects as a regular expense. I believe in this as a way to get better games, to help people get their art funded, and as much a movement as anything else.

I love kickstarter.

Love it. I hope it's not a fad, but a new way of making art happen.
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