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I don't see any fatigue at all. I see this as a new trend affecting the quality of future games in a very positive way. I think it is here to stay.

In the gaming market people vote with their wallets(as in every market), and there are a lot of people who have been holding stacks of money into their hands and being unable to vote at all. Wasteland is a great example. This game has been requested by its large fanbase for *decades*, and all this time stupid game companies have ignored it. Can you believe they have been proven completely wrong in such a short notice? They thought there was no market for it... people put together over a million bucks and gave it to the developers before the game even begun development!

The one thing I can see is that a lot of indie devs that have yet to make a name for themselves will get into the bandwagon and maybe fail to meet their ambitions. On the other hand, any game backed by a developer with a solid track record and a loyal fanbase will probably succeed(unless maybe if the goal is set too high).

I have no doubt, for instance, that the Tex Murphy kickstarter will suceed, as well as the Jane Jensen kickstarter(if there will indeed be one). Unless they actually require millions...
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