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I can't exactly say I'm enthusiastic about this either, despite the fact that I love the Larry games. I thought the Larry 1 remake was already going strong and would hopefully be released this year. If this were a Kickstarter for a new 3D Larry game, I'd be excited.

The graphics don't look particularly good (even the hardcore "2D only" adventure gamers have to admit that the animation in the short clips is severely lacking) and I hope that voice is not the final one used, as the acting was poor. This could fall really flat with everyone not viewing this with rose-colored nostalgia glasses if the humor is not sufficiently updated.

Anyway! I really hope this does work out, although I'm not crazy about having to wait like 10 years for a new Larry even IF all 6 re-releases are successful. This could also give me vindication on my opinion that Leisure Suit Larry is the most inherently valuable of all classic adventure game licenses.
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