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Why the sudden change of plans? This remake was announced long before kickstarter got a massive popularity boost thanks to Tim Schafer and Brian Fargo. I very much doubt that crowd funding was among the options Replay Games could have in mind back then.

Also, I believe that asking fans for money to make a remake with modern graphics (and promising to give the similar treatment to the rest of the games in the series if they succeed) is not a very smart move on their part. If Replay Games wants to introduce the game to people who wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole if it didn't have modern graphics, then they shouldn't ask fans for money.

If this game is successful then we can bring you guys the rest of the Leisure Suit Larry games (and maybe even Leisure Suit Larry 4: The Case Of The Missing Floppies)!
Notice "if this game is successful". Not the kickstarter campaign, but the game, meaning if they sell enough copies to consider it profitable, they will continue with the remakes and one day they may even consider making something new. Wo-hoo!

As much as I love Larry Laffer, I'm not terribly enthusiastic about this. In fact, I'm slightly annoyed and disappointed.
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