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I'm currently downloading VirtualBox and had the intention of using Commador's instructions when I realised they called for a copy of Windows XP. As many of you might know; XP had trouble running this game and there were several topics such as this at the time with far easier solutions for 'fixing' the game and making it run (though problematic it still often remained).

Now, I have a copy of windows XP somewhere in my house. This will require a lot of digging on my part. I do not exaggerate when I say this may be several days of digging which may, indeed, be fruitless by the time I say "Fuck it, I give up".

What i do not have is a copy of windows 95 or 98. I don't even have a copy of windows 2000; my first PC was windows 3.1 and I went straight from that to WinME, which sucked ass, and though I had a 'backup copy' of the OS (as the PC's manufacturer called it, as it wasn't an official copy of the disc but one they burned off themselves and stuck their logo onto).

Should I just download a copy of one of these OSs?

I do not believe either are readily available from Microsoft or from anybody licenced to resell MS products. Therefore, should not legal and ethical issues surely dissipate?

I mean, legal issues aside, if you can really see any ethical issues in pirating a product from one of the world's most monopolising companies (whose other unethical business practises are many and varied) who're already proven to be one of the world's most profitable, and therefore any 'crime' against them is something of a 'Robin Hood Tax,' then you have far better eye sight then I.
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