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I prefer the ones that make you think outside the box.

The DS lends itself well to this:
- In Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney, you had to blow in the mic to
blow dust off a fingerprint

- In Last Window: The Secret of Cape West you had to partially close the DS to
grab hold of a key that was stuck in the closing mechanism of a music box

- Also in Last Window (where you hold the DS sideways, like a book), you have to close the DS to
hug the person in the right screen while your character is in the left screen

- etc.

I love these kinds of puzzles because they often have you trying every conventional thing first, but they come with a huge Aha-Erlebnis when you finally figure out what you had to do...

The same applies to the "red fez"-puzzle in Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (where you
first had to get the red fez from the random guy walking around in Algiers, in order to give it to the shopkeeper so that you could follow him through the crowds

Or the final puzzle of Grim Fandango where shooting at your target doesn't work - you have to shoot something else to get to him...

There's countless others like this, but I can't think of any specific ones at the moment...
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