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Originally Posted by TimovieMan View Post
I did consider it a last resort too, until I had one set up a few months ago. Since then I've decided that it really isn't that much more of a hassle than trying to find multiple patches or making registry adjustments.
Thank YOU for making this patch. Even though it didn't help me, there are already a couple of other people that were helped by it, and I'm sure more will follow...
Hi guys.
To Collector-i have installed a DN and also your patch.Everything is working nice,no breakdowns after intro, but when I want to load a saved game game crushes.Then I get this notification "Assert Message: Can t find CHUNK_CDPLAY_FILENUM.
And btw. I don t load from the main menu.When is the first scene where you can control Lewton in office,then I press F1-load and then all that happens..

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