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Originally Posted by TopCat View Post
Dude, seriously, no offense, but please stop making threads about every little thing that pops up in your head.

Peace Topcat . but someone else would have done it, i wouldnt want to bother you or anyone else but does it matter if this thread was started by A or B!

Originally Posted by diego View Post
No need to bring the old argument. I support your enthusiasm, Advie #1. In this case, though, TopCat has a point: me myself also wanted to post today about Yesterday (no pun intended ), and found this thread, so maybe you could put it there as well.
well you actually correct, so as i my head proofed that there is no similar thread before i made this, and now i see that one you linked, i feel ashamed, but you know the name of it was not straight or i missed it while searching the formus . what to do?

Originally Posted by TerminusEst View Post
Ohmegosh, me too! What a magnificent coincidence!

So we are both downloading the game at the same time (I am not actually but let's say I am for the sake of the argument). ...Now what?
now what? good question though i think that is enough for now, but what about a playthrough community for excursively new game (absolute spoiler)

anyway i promise i will go cold turkey on those new threads i make!
and i feel i really want to remove that thread, but i did this once before and i think its not necessarily now... but please excuse my enthusiasm, i will put it at freeze at much as i can
Lets Respect each others or shut it

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