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Originally Posted by marvio View Post
This is the "game" equivalent of a pretentious art film. Suggestive, yes, but no real weight to back it up.
As others have suggested, it's not a game at all, which in itself is not a problem for me, I have, in the past, enjoyed games which were very light in actual game play, but this is not only NOT a game, but boring too! If all you going to have me do is walk around, please make sure there's something there to engage me, yeah it has pretty good ambiance, but after half an hour it wears really thin when that's all you have.
When I read comments like this I feel so sorry for the poster, ie that he/she couldn't enjoy Dear Esther in the same way as myself and many others have.

It's too easy to dismiss Dear Esther due to it not fitting into one of life's little pigeon-holes, and it's also short-sighted and unfair to dismiss it because of this.

Equally it's very easy to dismiss those who disliked it - for example, I've seen comments elsewhere that basically say that you need to be 'emotionally mature' to properly enjoy Dear Esther, but I feel that's a bit unfair. We're all different. Certainly physical age has nothing to do with - I've seen comments from teenagers on the Dear Esther 'Steam' forum saying that they loved it, and equally from older folks saying that they didn't. Horses for courses and all that.

Either way, it's a game that you need to try for yourself - there really is no other way to see if you'll like it.

It's not as if it's expensive either.

Also worth mentioning is that it won the award for 'Excellence in Visual Art' at the recent Independent Games Festival (and was also nominated in other categories):

Well done to them - they so richly deserved it.
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