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No, it is not the same at all. The other installer is very crude and does not include any compatibility fixes for the graphics. It was mostly intended as a replacement for the 16-bit installer on the CD so the game can be installed on 64-bit systems. It is very big download because it does not properly deal with concatenating the game's resources spanned across all four CDs, and thus includes over 300 MB of game data, calling into question the legality of the download.

My installer does require all four original CDs. While it, too is created in NSIS, it is vastly different. It properly concatenates the game's data with files from the user's CDs, and so does not include any game data. I created a compatibility fix that gets installed with the game.

I have a new version uploaded that includes a tool to automatically set processor affinity. Same link as I posted above. I need to track down a 32-bit freeware command line slowdown utility to include to address any speed issues, if really needed. Without testing the game, I don't know how necessary the affinity and slow down tools are really needed. In the mean time, if the slow down is needed, users can just use anything like Turbo to use outside of the game before starting the game. The game is set to use CPU0, so affinity for the slowdown utility needs to be set for CPU0, too.
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