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Originally Posted by zobraks View Post
Dead Reefs (2007) and Escape from Monkey Island (2000) spring to mind, but I'm not sure whether you'll find them great or not.

P.S. Bad Mojo (Redux) (2004) is a must-play!
I started playing Dead Reefs yesterday and I'm actually quite enjoying it. Once you get past the relatively annoying keyboard only control system and the main character constantly making the same comments over and over, its actually not a bad game. Not great by any means, but its a pretty interesting story, atmospheric music, and even a few jumpy moments in places. Even the voice acting is ok and the puzzles so far have been pretty logical, just not that inventive. If i'd paid 20 pounds for it I wouldn't have been disappointed (luckily though, my copy was free, sent by my brother from uk)
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