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A Message from the Sapphire Witch

There are many of you out there, I know. Why do you not speak? Do you think you will guess incorrectly?

What then?

How many times have you thought, while playing an adventure game, 'I can't solve this puzzle, so let me try using every object on every other object!' Did you worry about 'guessing wrong' back then?

How many times have you accidentally killed the hero or heroine, only to 'restore' the game to an earlier state? Did winning become impossible simply because the protagonist died once? Hardly! As long as you kept trying, you would eventually win.

This is a game of Witch's Chess. The only way for the Human Side to win is to find the answers. The only way for the Human Side to lose is if they all stop thinking.

I will assure you of one thing with the Red Truth: In this game, you cannot lose unless you stop thinking. Silence is 'game over.'

So speak up -- choose an alias, if you like! -- and introduce yourselves.
The Sapphire Witch cordially invites you to a labyrinth of riddles and mysteries, The Witch's Epigraph.
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