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About the credit card puzzle: I've tried some more combinations, and I made 8 cards fit on top of a 9th.
To prove I'm not just randomly guessing one number higher than last time, here's what it looked like (more or less):

If that's not the right answer, then I could say "9", "10", etc. in consequent guesses, but I'm not trying it out again. Barring it being a trick question, 8 is the highest I get...

As for the new safe, the number is the year L.V.'s parents got married, or 2 years before he was born. Given that the date is December 31st 2011, L.V. was born in the wonderful year of 1981 (just like me), and thus his parents were married in 1979 (just like mine - coincidence?). And wouldn't you know that 1979 just happens to be a prime number???

As for "her name", those letter combinations in that clue are anagrams for colours.

Not sure how to proceed from here on in, though.

If only some other forum members would try to help. It's not like they're not following this thread. I can sense their presence and feel their eyes lurking, for I am the Chosen One...
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