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(It's possible for a single player to solve this, but it will be much easier to play the puzzle-based 'boss duels' if you have at least one partner. You might want to recruit a friend.)

Someone looked askance at the safe clue. Prime number? Surely that wasn't even necessary to answer it... maybe it was just there to check the answer. Or was there another layer to this puzzle that -

His thoughts were interrupted by a shrill bell. Some idiot had pulled the fire alarm inside the building. While most of the guests outside looked mildly annoyed at this, Dr. Alicia Tressler laughed. "Hope we don't wear out our welcome," she said.


Almost without thinking, Ocean Zweidler took stock of all the people who were by the door when the alarm sounded, and thus had alibis. They were:

* Ocean herself
* Samuel Voronov, the doorman.
* Dr. Alicia Tressler
* Walter Sexton
* Professor Otto Rinaldi - the mischievous old scientist would've been her prime suspect otherwise, given his penchant for poking around emergency doors
* ... and Kenichi Nakamura (who was already taking a note of the exact time the alarm rang out - 5:54 PM. Good for him.)

Oh, no. Alibis? Why was she even thinking this way? It was probably nothing to worry about! And indeed, within minutes, someone had shut off the errant alarm. Soon after, the last three players - L. V. Seaton-Ford, Nat Foreman, and Batsheva Ellis - rounded a corner and came into view.

"Well, dudes," said L. V. giving the group his best 'aw shucks' grin and not even bothering to explain where he'd been. "Guess we'd better crack these locks, huh?"

"Yes," said Nat, avoiding L. V.'s gaze - a little guiltily, Ocean thought.

"You bet!" said Batsheva, with blatantly false cheerfulness.

I see. "The safe?" said Ocean, always looking for a chance to one-up L.V. "I just solved it."

But was the solution offered - '2711' and 'ILLOGICAL' - really correct? They would have to test it to find out.


Meet the Pieces (Part Two of Many)

Louis Vuitton Seaton-Ford
Age: 30
Profession: Lounger and dilettante, or so he claims.

Quote: "Call me L. V. What does it stand for? So awesome you asked! It stands for 'Lovin' Volcano.'"

Background: As the heir to the Ford-Seaton fortune, L. V. has never had to work a day in his life - though he must have some other source of income, given the sheer amount of money he burns jetting around the world. Sandy-haired and flirtatious, L. V. sounds and acts the part of a stoned surf bum.

Don't be fooled. He's a member of the Club in excellent standing for good reason.

Random Fact: Won a Forensic DNA Analysis championship.

Sample Riddle:

L. V. places a Diamond Express credit card on a table and waves over a few guests. "Well, I say!" he says in an ironically bad British accent, "This plastic rectangle reminds me of a puzzle. Okay, okay, I'll cut the accent. How many credit cards can you lay flat on top of it without letting 'em overlap each other? Here are the rules.

Numero uno: They're all 3.4 by 2.1 inch standard-size credit cards.

Numero dos: To count as being 'on top' of the Diamond Express, a card has to, like, cover up at least a tiny little bit of it.

Numero tres: The cards you put down can't overlap each other, and they gotta be sitting flat. No making some kinda wacky pyramid dealio.

Come on, dudes and dudettes! How many can you fit?"


(There are currently at least four unsolved puzzles lurking in this thread. One involves finding a hidden ten-letter message in the Sphinx's Decalogue. One involves noticing what is missing from Ocean's inventory. One is Ocean's riddle, given in her 'Meet the Pieces' profile. One is L. V.'s credit card puzzle.

To unlock the next event, at least two of these mysteries must be solved.

Note: There is currently insufficient information to work out who pulled the fire alarm.)

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