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Right after I got my first computer, a friend lent me a bunch of games and a collection of game guides and walkthroughs in a book form. Seriously! It was called "The Encyclopedia of Computer Games Vol. 1" or something to that effect. I don't think that a second volume ever came out. That was not in an English-speaking country by the way. That was right before the Internet started making inroads where I lived at the time so I guess it was the best way to get your hands on a walkthrough.

Anyway, one of the games my friend gave me was the first Simon the Sorcerer, which I played through relying entirely on the walkthrough in the book. I was spellbound (no pun intended).

Unfortunately, it was also the start of a bad habit since I played my first several adventures by following a walkthrough and that includes the first Gabriel Knight, Indy and the FoA, and a number of other classics. It is a pity since using a walkthrough does interfere with one's enjoyment of the game's atmosphere as it prevents you from fully immersing yourself in it.
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