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Default Resonance - a new game published by Wadjet Eye

Just discovered it today after a tweet by Wadjet Eye.
This game is developed by xii games.

It's rather promising.After JBurger's Gemini Rue and the Blackwell Series there are many games popping up featuring the same graphics style.
Also JBurger is a member of the team as a detail/closeup artist(from a post on their website).

The Story:
A particle physicist’s mysterious and spectacular death sparks a race to find his hidden vault and claim his terrifying new discovery. The player will take control of four characters whose lives become entangled in the search for the scientist’s vault. They will have to learn to trust each other and work together to overcome the obstacles in their way and to keep this new and powerful technology out of the hands of a dangerous organization.

here is a link to the game website.there are screenshots and a couple of vids inside.

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