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courderoy guy
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Just finished this and need to tell others about it. If you are an adventure game fan with a willingness to take part in something a bit high-concept, do yourself a favor and pay $10 for this 1.5 hour experience. Yeah, it's not a "game" per se in that there aren't puzzles, there is no skill needed, and there are no trappings like a jump button or UI. What there is is a beautiful environment to explore while you piece together events being described by poetic narration. You see evidence of the story and what happened along your journey, but this isn't a straightforward tale.

Then again, since when wasn't exploration a gameplay element that stands as its own reward? Isn't that a core part of the adventure gaming experience? Yeah, you aren't picking up things and placing them into inventory, but if you remove the trappings of a typical Myst-like adventure game, including the puzzles, you will find something similar to this.

If you can't handle an experience that's worthy on its own terms, and need inventory, puzzles, and/or more concrete gameplay elements, this isn't for you. I know, however, that many adventure gamers will love this experience. Highly recommended.
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