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Originally Posted by Irongiant909 View Post
What a lovely experience this was - and no, it's not a game. It's an atmospheric pool that you slowly sink into and let your emotions come to the fore.
I think that's a great description of what DE is. I think people criticizing what other people felt (or didn't feel) should analyze what this game is more closely. It's a sandbox for YOUR OWN emotions. You take out of it in great part what you put into it. In an interview with the author I linked to earlier he said people were willing to fight to death over perceived meanings he never considered imbuing DE with. And he was delighted by that.

So no, it's not a game that you can attach a clear value to (or clear meaning). For everyone the experience is very personal and unique rather than based on some canons of beauty. It depends also on the amounts of skepticism and the trust in the designer you have. The single constant for every player is perhaps that the setting and music were chosen to trigger the feeling of melancholy rather than euphoria.

Originally Posted by Irongiant909 View Post
Easily worth the asking price - you can spend $10 on a 1.5 hour film that you'll probably forget within a few days, or you can immerse yourself in this 'game' for about 1.5 hours and experience something quite different and long lasting ......
Or you can end up feeling like a fool who has given into hype. There are those 2 possible outcomes.
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